Jenny Heinink - Bereavement & Teaching Pastor

Jenny Heinink
Jenny Heinink
Bereavement & Teaching Pastor

Jenny's official title: Curate (SSM)* see note below

Jenny is an ordained minister in the Church of England and is the first port of call for all those who are involved in arranging funeral services. Jenny conducts many of our parish funerals herself and also arranges for Kevin and Michael to take funeral services where appropriate.

Jenny also runs many theology training courses during the year for our parish and for the Diocese of Chelmsford.

Jenny has lived in Cranham for many years and was previously a teacher in local secondary schools.


* note on Curate SSM
In the Church of England, each parish usually has one Vicar or Rector. Other parish ministers are called Curates or Associate Ministers. 
SSM refers to the fact that Jenny offers her ministry freely without any cost to the diocese so is a Self Supporting Minister.