Reception & Administration Team


Our reception desk provides the first point of contact for people whether by phone, fax or e-mail or simply walking in. The team has a comprehensive Reception Guide and full access to the whole Parish Team site which should enable them to answer most queries directly.    

The administration team is the 'back-office hub' that supports every team. It creates and directs assignments to the appropriate team and performs central functions including:

  • CRB checks
  • Admin and Finance support
  • Event Booking
  • Maintaining the membership database.
  • Planning, designing, developing and producing communications materials for all media channels.  This includes:
  • External notice boards, specific publicity (e.g. Easter, Christmas, Alpha etc)
  • Notices (internal notice boards, plasma screen at SLC/LCD Screen at MLC, pre-service projection at SLC & MLC)

Team Members

  • Shirley Mills (co-ordinator)
  • Lisa Chick