Ladies' Retreat - FAQs

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What’s the purpose of the Retreat?

Our Ladies’ retreat offers a time of “withdrawal” from everyday life – to spend time out with God, and to ‘recharge your batteries’.

Is there a rigid programme?

We have a structure which offers times of teaching, worship, prayer, creativity & relaxation. You use it to suit you.

Do I have to be silent the whole time?

No. We ‘go into silence’ after dinner on Friday evening, and ‘come out of silence’ on Sunday morning. (Or Saturday evening if you choose.)

Saturday afternoon is free, so you can leave Pleshey and go out for a while if you want to.

What are the rooms like?

The majority are en-suite with tea-making facilities.
Cost is £186 (Standard £170)
Prices as 2019

What’s the food like?

Simple home cooked food from seasonal ingredients.

Who can I talk to if I want prayer, or a listening ear?

There are 2 conductors who will be available for personal time. 

Do I have to go to my room if I just want to sit and read?

No. The house has a large lounge, bright ‘Orangery’, library, and very pleasant gardens. There are often other rooms available. You’ll find lots of special places to choose from.

Can I take my phone/ tablet/ MP3?

Phones should not be used in the House/ gardens where others can hear. Use headphones for music etc

How do we get there?

By car it takes about 45 minutes. Some drivers are able to take an extra passenger. If necessary we’ll book a mini-bus (additional cost).

If you want to know more about this contemplative retreat, please speak to:
Wendy Webb
Tel: 01708 564901 | Mob: 07515 892924
St Lukes Website,
23 Jan 2019, 06:03