How does it work at Pleshey?

The Silence… ‘making a retreat’ is not about ‘wearing a hairshirt’ of silence to agitate yourself and see if you get through it!!

It’s about taking yourself out of the everyday world, and being still for the presence of God.
So, respect the silence of others, and enjoy your own time in ‘a different place’. 

Do not be tempted to communicate in other ways .. passing notes, miming, or gestures !!  We have plenty of time for you to spend away from the Retreat house on Saturday afternoon, so if you really  need to talk, that’s the time for it.

You will also see that we eat our first and last 2 meals together out of silence.

Meals. See programme for timings.  Breakfast is provided for you to help yourself, so start/ finish as you are ready.

Lunch and Supper we eat together, so arrive on time, as we will say a prayer to begin.

If you are able to clear your plates and tables when finished, it is much appreciated by the kitchen staff.

Teas & coffees are provided for us, as per programme, but you can help yourself from the ‘Buttery’ any time, and there are snacks to buy too. (You won’t need them!)

You also have tea making facilities in your rooms.

The Programme provides a mixture of talks, worship/prayer time/ creative space/ leisure time. There will be opportunities to have individual time with one of the leaders if you wish. Bring along a notebook and your bible, but also any creative stuff you enjoy …..sketchbook, paints, knitting, camera. 

If you want to listen to your i-phone or MP3 player, please use earpieces.

Mobile phones are turned off in the Retreat House and Gardens.

If you want to know more about this contemplative retreat, please speak to:
Wendy Webb
Tel: 01708 564901 | Mob: 07515 892924
St Lukes Website,
23 Jan 2019, 05:58