Sisters in Christ - Book Worms

Like to read?  Like to find our more about God?  Like to find more out about yourself?

Join our Book Worms to share your latest Christian read!

First up is 'Digging for Diamonds' by Cathy Madavan.  In this book, she encourages us to dig deeper and discover more of the life-transforming treasures of our identity, character, strength and purpose that God has already placed within us - right where we are right now! Cathy encourages us to allow God’s truths to speak into our identity and purpose.  She leads the reader to reflect on and explore our unique God-given' raw material' and how God wants to transform us to a purposeful life.  The focus is on our individual journey as well as our calling to unearth precious potential in others.  All linked to the transformation of coal into diamonds, with anecdotes, Biblical grounding and useful tips for the future.  Enjoy!