Pastoral Support

Jesus said that one of the ways his followers will be recognised is by the love they show for each other (John 13:35). One way we do this at St Luke's is through our ministry of "Pastoral Care". So, what is Pastoral Care?


Pastoral Care provides the support that we all need on occasions; this can be for shorter or longer periods of time.

It can include prayer, encouragement, befriending, practical help (although we cannot offer financial help), visiting, comforting, sending letters, cards, texts, Whatsapps, emails, hospitality... all different ways of showing we care.


Pastoral Care is an 'enabling help' for wholeness of body, mind, emotion and spirit

This includes prayer and healing ministry, creating a loving and accepting community where people can belong; a place that gives people a purpose and value in their lives


Pastoral Care helps people to be reconciled to God, to themselves and others by listening, seeking forgiveness and sharing peace.


Pastoral Care 'signposts' to organisations that can help people with their needs, providing information through leaflets and books, information from IT, mentoring, training, listening to preachers etc This can include pointing people to professional counsellors outside our church.

Pastoral care can be profoundly ordinary and extra-ordinary. It can be a cuppa and a slice of cake, or a prophetic word. No 'one size' fits all. That's one reason we work as a team.

For more information please contact Ruth Newall

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