Sunday Worship

Whilst God can touch you at any time, whether in a church building or not, many people believe they experience God in a church service.

Visitors are welcome at all of our services.

(There is no specific dress-code; most people dress casually/informally.)

What to expect

All our services are informal with opportunity for freedom of expression and to feel included whether you are new to the faith or have been a Christian for years; the key thing being that we want everyone to feel at home. We use hymns and songs as expressions of our worship of God; these are led by a worship team with the words on a screen. Whilst the children are in their groups there will also be a reading from the Bible and a sermon (a talk linking the Bible and everyday life). There is Holy Communion (the bread and wine) too, depending on the week of the month. If you're baptised and used to taking Holy Communion in another church please feel welcome to receive here too. We don't take an offering during the service, most regular members of the church support the work of the church through standing ordrer. There is a box at reception where those who want to give cash or via the envelope scheme can do so, but visitors are under no obligation to give. There are refreshments (which are free of charge) both before and after the service, where everyone is welcome to stay and chat.

We believe in a God who answers prayer and so, as well as praying during the service there is an opportunity for people to receive personal prayer after the service is finished.

Once a month we do things a little differently at St Luke's -  a shorter "all age" service. Our Parish Diary gives details of when these services take place.