Our People

Many people are involved in what happens at St Luke's and Moor Lane Church.

To find out more about what a team does, ask a question, or see how you can get involved please contact the chair / co-ordinator of the specific team. (Contact via reception if there are no direct contact details.)

Ministry Teams


  • Alpha Course (More...)

  • Pop-In (St.Luke's) (More...)

  • Pop-In (Moor Lane): Co-ordinator - Brenda Goodfellow / Jean Morley

  • Homeless Project Team: Co-ordinator - Steve Fletcher

  • Miles Picknell - Director of St Luke's CAP Centre (Centre Manager) (More...)

Worship Service Leaders

  • St Luke’s Worship Team

  • Healing Service Worship Leader: Contact - Matt Picknell


  • Prayer Chain: St Luke's - Contact: Beverley Broadhurst (More...)

  • Prayer Chain: Moor Lane - Contact: Mick Waddams (More...)

  • Prayer Ministry Team & Healing On The Streets (More...)

  • Bereavement & Funeral arrangements - Contact: Jenny Heinink (More...)

  • Post Bereavement Care & "New Beginnings" (More...)

  • Home Communions & Pastoral Visiting (More...)

  • Hospital Visiting at Queens & King George Hospitals (More...)

  • Counselling/Confidential Help - The Pod (More...)

Children and Youth Ministries

(Creche, Pebbles, Powerpack, Sunday Pathfinders, CYFA, Acorn, Cabin)

  • Co-ordinator, Teenage & Young Adult - Tom Lambert (More...)

  • Co-ordinator, Ages 0-11 years - Liz Piper (More...)


  • Stewards

  • Refreshment Teams

Support Teams

General Support

  • Reception & Administration Team (More...)

Specialist Support Teams

  • Website & Social Media: (More...)

  • Events Management Team: Contact - Lisa Chick (More...)

  • Kitchen Team: Kitchen Manager - Emma Pick (More...)

  • Sound Team (More...)

  • Projection Team: Contact - Paul Heinink (More...)

  • Moor Lane Pre-School Management Team (More...)

Parochial Church Council Support Teams

  • Parochial Church Council (PCC): Chair - Michael Vickers (More...)

  • Church Wardens - Chikezie Apakama & Peter Newall (More...)

  • Finance Team: Chair - Stuart Beck (More...)

  • Health and Safety Team (More...)

  • Standing Committee: Chair - Michael Vickers (More...)

  • Mission Support (More...)

  • Building Maintenance Team: Chair - John Harwood (More...)

  • Moor Lane Church Council: Chair (More...)