Children and Youth on Sundays

We want all ages to feel welcome and part of the church.

Most Sunday morning services start with a first section with everyone together for worship and prayer and (once per month) Holy Communion. This first section lasts for about 20/25 minutes and a bit longer on Holy Communion Sundays.

Different ages then break into different groups for a second section. The children and young people go to age appropriate ministries in various rooms in the church complex and adults stay in the main worship area for sermon and worship.

For primary school age and younger we have a Family Welcome Desk at St Luke's. We will ask you to fill out a registration form there when you first walk in and tell us about your children. You will be shown where the children go for children's ministry and where to collect them at the end of the service. Parents are also welcome to stay with their children, or go - as seems appropriate.

One Sunday per month we usually have a special all age service lasting around 45 minutes to an hour where all ages remain together. These are very creative and engaging for all ages and a good ‘taster’ service if you want to invite friends along for the first time.

Our youth work is co-ordinated by our Youth Pastor (Director of Youth Ministries) and our children's work is co-ordinated by our Children & Families Minister.

To find out more about children's work at St Luke's during the morning service, please choose from the list below:

We also run the following on Sundays:

Parental consent form with appendix to print and complete