What is it?

The "PCC" is the acronym for The "Parochial Church Council". Under recent charity laws, the church has had to become a registered charity and so all PCC members are also Trustees of the Charity.

Who is on it?

Membership of the PCC is made up of a mixture of :

The Vicar is the Chair of PCC and there is also a Lay or Vice-Chair from the congregation who presides at such times as during an interregnum or when the Vicar is away/sick, or whenever the Vicar and Lay chair mutually agree.

Who is not on it?

No-one can be a member of the PCC if they are also employed by the PCC.

Also, after someone voted in as a congregational member has been on PCC for three years they must step down and take at least one year out before being nominated.

The current members are:

What is its purpose?

The PCC is responsible for the smooth running of the church, with particular responsibility for the stewardship of finances and resources, as well as ensuring that the church complies with all relevant legal, statutory and 'Good Practice' obligations.

To give a few examples, the PCC is responsible for

Who is in charge, the Vicar or the PCC?

To give an idea about roles:

If we were to employ someone in a new position, as we did when we created the post of Youth Pastor, then the PCC has to agree the expenditure. (We could not create the post if the PCC did not agree to create the post.) Once PCC has agreed to create the post and agreed a budget for it, then it is the responsibility of the Vicar to employ the right person for the job.


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