Ever wondered what life is all about?......then the Alpha Course is for you

    • The Alpha course is designed to give you the opportunity to explore the big questions of life and faith. With thought-provoking weekly sessions, Alpha is an informal and friendly way to explore the Christian faith and to think about what's important in life. What makes you so sure God even exists?

    • What's the point of it all?

    • What happens when we die?

    • Is forgiveness possible?

    • What relevance is Jesus to my life ?

Who's taken part?

Alpha is supported by all the main Christian denominations. More than two million people all over the world have completed the Alpha course during the last few years in churches, homes, schools, universities and prisons. In Cranham alone, several hundred people have enjoyed being part of an Alpha.

A typical session at Alpha

We usually run an Alpha in the evening, in an informal and relaxed setting with people who will later form your discussion group. There's a talk, looking at topics such as;

    • Is there more to life than this?

    • Who is Jesus?

    • Why did Jesus die?

    • How can we have faith?

    • Why and how do I pray?

    • Why and how should I read the Bible?

    • How does God guide us?

    • The Holy spirit

    • How can I resist evil?

    • Does God heal today?

    • Why and how should I tell others?

    • What about the church?

After each talk we break into smaller groups when there is a chance for you to share your thoughts and ask some questions. You can join in as much or as little as you like.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend. Some attend with many questions about the Christian faith, while others come with no set agenda at all.

    • Maybe you are asking '.....there must be more to life than this?'

    • Maybe you're a bit of a sceptic, an enquirer or someone returning to church after some time away.

    • Maybe you're just wanting to find out more about Jesus and the Christian faith.

Whatever your reason, you are very welcome to come and join us......

But what if I don't like it?

Then you don't have to come any more! There is no cost for attending the course and you're welcome to come for as many or few sessions as you like. No-one will hassle you or come knocking on your door to brow-beat you into returning. All we ask is that you let us know each week whether you will be able to make the following week.