Initiatives from British Red Cross & Church of England

Here are a couple of Initiatives for Children and Families at home, encouraging kindness and care for creation:

The British Red Cross are encouraging kind acts and activities that children can do at home (see attachments below)

Letters for Creation is a Church of England initiative, inviting children and young people under 30 to write letters reflecting on what caring for creation means to them and how they want their voice to be heard in the climate justice conversation.

It is at times like these – testing times – that we recognise we are all in this together. Coronavirus impacts all of us, but love unites us all. We are aware now more than ever of how interconnected our lives are and the importance of looking out for our neighbours as well as our common home. In the midst of these uncertain weeks and months, Letters for Creation is a project that can be done from home and offers an opportunity to creatively channel concern for others and the world around us.

‘Letters’ don’t have to be physical letters: videos, photographs, poems, songs, posters and so on are all welcome, and the ‘letter’ doesn't have to be addressed to anyone in particular. Read more...

Liz Piper and Children's Ministry Team:

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